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Today's Littles are tomorrow's workforce! Through encouragement, support and consistency, our Workplace Mentors help keep children on the path to success.

Workplace (Site-Based) Mentoring Program

Companies partnering with Big Brothers Big Sisters, are making an investment in developing the next generation of leaders and they enjoy it. Workplace Mentoring Partnerships rely on our signature one-to-one mentoring relationships but kids go to a corporate workplace for mentoring visits and group activities. Workplace Mentoring relies on our signature one-to-one mentoring program, but Littles meet with their mentors at their workplace. The program provides Littles with

  • Workplace exposure

  • Career awareness

  • College prep

  • Prepare a post high school plan

New Jersey Natural Gas - Project Venture

In partnership with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Ocean County, Project Venture mentoring program lets students experience the business world firsthand.


NJNG employees mentor students from Lakewood middle schools. Students gain valuable insights enabling them to build a solid foundation for their future careers.

Meeting twice a month, each program day is designed and facilitated by a Workplace Mentoring Coordinator, who plans and coordinates program logistics, with structured activities

The company provides a financial contribution to pay for the transportation of students and the Workplace Coordinator assigned to the company

We work with our partners to tailor programming to best meet the needs of the employees, company, and kids so that everyone is fulfilled and feels connected to their community

How It Works

Benefits for Littles

Workplace Mentoring introduces children to jobs at an early age, giving them an opportunity to learn about the corporate world first-hand. Through relationships with "Corporate Bigs", Littles experience what it means to work for a corporation and the educational requirements needed to achieve this professional success. The value is the same: children are exposed to professional environments, new career paths and life goals are introduced, and lives are truly changed.