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It's time to do something BIG for the youth in Ocean County 

They have incredible potential, and now is the time to defend it! 

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One Donation. One Little's Potential!



Big Brothers Big Sisters is part of a national network of affiliates sharing best practices in order to ensure the safety and finest care for children served by our organization. Yet the mission remains local. Local volunteers mentoring local children in a program supported by local donors. Your local dollars develop more college graduates, community leaders, and entrepreneurs directly in your community... 

Ocean County

Defending Potential Starts In Ocean County, Together

Our Bigs, Littles, Parents/Guardians, and Volunteers Share Their Experiences, Achieving Potential


School-Based Little


High School Big

I can’t believe I got to be

part of such an amazing program.

I love coming here, spending time with my Big she makes me

smile and laugh.

Being a part of the BBBS program has had such an impact on my life. Through this program, I have developed emotionally and mentally. My Little and I have such a strong relationship and for that, I will be forever grateful for this program.

I became a Big Brother in 2016

and immediately witnessed the

tremendous positive impact the

program has on our children here

in Ocean County and wanted to

do more. So, my annual,

"just for fun" canoe trip, evolved

into a "just for fun-draiser" for

BBBSOC. Over the past two years we've been able to raise and donate over $2500, rasing $1500 last year," Keith Ritson, Ocean County Big Brother

“Reaching children at a young age through positive role models greatly enhances their chances of success," stated Chief Mitchell Little of the Toms River Police Department, “and we recognize the need to be involved with the children in a positive and supportive way.”