Dotties House Womens Leadership Luncheon


Pictured above: Virginia "Ginny" Haines, Ocean County Freeholder; Ben Carter, Dottie's House Life Skills Coach; Sue Sedivec, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Ocean County CEO


Sue Sedivec, CEO of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Ocean County (BBBSOC) was a guest speaker at the recent First Annual Dottie’s House Women’s Leadership Luncheon -- “Empowering women to become self-sufficient and free from violence”.

Sue loves her work at BBBSOC and helps to empower women at every opportunity helping them to overcome obstacles. Sue attributes her success to her dad who taught her to depend on herself, have the ability to dream and at the same time have compassion for others. It’s these attributes and life lessons that she passes on to the children at BBBSOC.

The event was attended by people in the nonprofit community and the day provided everyone the opportunity to reflect on how important each and everyone’s role is and the good work they accomplished. All too often there is little time for reflection because they are on the front line assisting children and adults who have real problems that must be solved.

Life coach, corporate technology instructor, and volunteer, Ben Carter, described women’s sensitivity and emotional resilience as the magic of women. As a volunteer at Dottie’s House he is able to connect with the women because of his own childhood. While he loved his dad, he hated the abuse given to his mom. Ben simply wanted a safe place and Dottie’s House provides that place for the moms and their children who live there.

Everyone smiled and nodded as Katherine Durante, Executive Director of Ocean First Foundation, described her first experience with the “good ole boy network” and the need for women to mentor other women. Women in nonprofit work tirelessly addressing hard, social issues and more need to be in positions of leadership.

Ginny Haines, Freeholder of Ocean County, credits her mom who provided her with inspiration and determination. In her position she receives a great deal of personal satisfaction working for and supporting the special work of nonprofits.

The message from Heather Barberi, Executive Director of Ocean County Community Foundation, was that the room was filled with so many inspiring women. When she was younger she always asked herself am I good enough to be on this team, am I good enough for this position, am I good enough. Her advice to others was never to be afraid to ask for help because everyone has weaknesses.

Carol A. Wolfe, Founder of Dottie’s House, believes that when you do for other people, you receive a greater reward. She encouraged everyone to lead with their hearts and have passion for the work they do.

All agreed it was an inspirational and emotional day and thanked Carol for all she does. Everyone is looking forward to the Second Annual Dottie’s House Women’s Leadership Luncheon.